Monday, March 24, 2008

the good, the bad, and the ugly.

this was probably the best firing yet, the surfaces were amazing, but......i lost about a third to cracking and a bad slip fit, but even those looked good! you can see the slip peeling off the vase in this first picture, the teapot in the second has a nice big crack on the right side. most of these pots are from a new batch of clay, and i think that has to be part of the problem, the unglazed portions even looked different. something was definitely not right with this clay, but i can't really troubleshoot it because its bought, not mixed. fortunately i had some tests of a new body in this kiln, and i think i'll make the switch soon. i had a lot of standard work, mugs, bowls, etc. in this kiln that turned out great. heres a few shots, if i get time later i'll take some better ones.

platter, 19 inches or so.

dessert plates, about 8 inches. sometimes when the ash and salt mix together there is this interesting surface that looks like someone blew some dark snot onto it, i'm not sure how i feel about it.

this was fired on the bagwall.

this was fired on the bagwall as well.

same bowl, bottom.

oval platter, about 18 inches.

pedestal foot, its thrown and then pushed into an oval. i'm glad one of these finally came out!

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Picosita said...

LOVE that platter!