Wednesday, September 10, 2008

rain rain rain.

its been raining for a few days here and looks like it will continue to do so through next week. the rain is good, we need it but my clay racks are as wet as when i mixed them. my stoneware should've been out about now. i have a show coming up in just over 5 weeks and need to get work done, if i have to wait another week for clay thats cutting it pretty close. i'm thinking i may find another strapping lad or two and move the clay racks into the kiln room and fire off a bisque. maybe that'll help? any suggestions?

since i have nothing to do other than housework(i'm procrastinating) i thought about some pots that i liked and decided that if i could own any one pot it would be this pilgrim plate by bernard leach. anyone who has held his pots will tell you that he was a mediocre potter at best(technically speaking) but his pieces have so much feeling behind them. i'm not sure what it is about this piece but i never tire of it. he made multiples of this one and there is a better example at the st ives pottery but i can't find a picture of it. i thought it would be interesting to see what other people might choose as their favorite pot? consider this my retribution for not tagging anyone in the previous post.

this last weekend we met an excellent furniture maker who works mostly with colonial style pieces with traditional tools. he had this beautiful tavern style dining table that he hauls to all his shows as one of his example pieces(all items are made to order). he is no longer going to be making this table and was trying to sell it for a heck of a deal and we almost came home with it(i'm a sucker for traditional crafts). we have no dining room table and have been looking for awhile and i have also toyed with the idea of building one but i have neither the space or time. so now we have been kicking ourselves for not buying it but it turns out he'll be at our next show and said that if it doesn't sell he'll bring it along and give us first shot at it. score!

so long for now.

ps. mark peters has a few cool videos on his website.


Deborah Woods said...

I don't have one particular piece I would want, but if I could have a piece by one potter, it would have to be Lucie Rie.

Joy Tanner said...

I've been housesitting over at Linda McFarlings looking at her collection. There are tons of pots here that have so much feeling and energy. They just stand alone possessing their own vibrancy. It's so powerful, the pots that do that. It's fun looking at another potters collections of pots, she has good taste! I just wish I could take home several of them. I meant to comment a while back on your trip to Minnesota and Randy Johnstons and his mind is drawing a blank...anyhow I love her work...Jan McKeachie...that's do I wish I had some of her pieces. I wish I could make a trip up there.