Monday, April 15, 2013

Firing XXI

Firing XXI before & after.  It was a good one!  I tried a new firing schedule that is an adaptation of my quick firing schedule with the need to soak my ash glazes.  Firing time: 7.5 hours.  When I get a chance maybe I'll share a bit about my firing theories. 

Well, it appears the #1's have it.  I will write a post about The Yunomi Standard: the retarded economics of pricing handmade pottery.  This is not necessarily a post on how one should price pots(high/low) but rather a look at how one might arrive at a given price but also a look at why some feel that certain pots should command higher prices than other pots given the same amount of work involved.  It will be a fun post riddled with humor, frustration, back stabbing, shit talking, and a whole lot of truth. 



Mr. Young said...

I see some great color in this load! Can't wait for the upcoming post!

Youknowme Standard said...

Looking forward to that post for sure!