Friday, February 27, 2009

lets have some fun.

It's time for another rousing game of name that potter by the bottom of their pots, but there is a catch this time! Represented here on the top shelf of our dishwasher are 9 different potters. I'm going to throw in some incentive, the first person to guess all nine correctly will get a free yunomi. I'll give you a hint: represnted are potters from the UK, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, North Carolina and Texas. Good luck!

This is the wheel I've been pretty much exclusively throwing on for the last few months. It's an OLD Thomas Stuart kickwheel. None of the students have taken a liking to it so I've claimed it. The height is different than the lockerbies and forces one to work with a little bit better posture, which is just an added bonus. I've really grown quite fond of it and hopefully can find a way to take it with me when I leave here(legally of course), whenever that may be.

I have my advanced students working on thrown & altered pieces so I've decided to take up the assignment as well. I make it a point to work out in the classroom with them because it seems to help them grow and mature a little faster and it forces me to try things I normally wouldn't. So here are some square-ish teapots I made. The body is made as a cylinder with no bottom or top and pushed into a square shape, then slabs were added to the bottom and top on the two on the left. The lids and galleries were made seperate, squared and then added. The spouts are round but are cut and pieced together to give a nice edge so that they work with the piece better. These are very time consuming and I don't know if I'll make them again any time soon. I like the finished results but unless I can find a faster way to make/assemble them I won't be able to put them in my standard production. The one on the left is easily my favorite, with the one on the right being least-that lid just doesn't work, but you have to try things. Well, back to work.



Ron said...

Fooled us with the wheel type. Thomas Stuart eh? I did notice it looked as if you had good posture.

Okay I don't know them all but here's what I'll guess.
Christianson (bowl)
Batterham(cut bowl)
(I don't know who made those bowls in the back)
That yunomi on the right with the celadon(or ash) glaze....from Wisconsin.? That foot could maybe be Randy J's. ?? Not sure. old Pharis?
Colorado....???? I have no idea which one was made there.
Oh well let's see who gets it. Maybe I helped someone else out.

Ron said...

I like the shape of that teapot on the left too, but you know I really like that one on the right. I kinda like the funky way the lid looks, not the usual. And I really like that it has a large opening, easy to get the used tea out of.

Judy Shreve said...

I agree with all of Ron's guesses but add Oestriech bowl. And I think he's right with Randy J too. Isn't Christiansen Colorado?
Is the UK Phil Rogers?
MacKenzie - MN
Randy J - Wisconsin
Philbeck - NC
yours - TX

I like your teapots! -- my favorite is the center one.

brandon phillips said...

good guesses, i'll make it a little easier. there's no oestreich, RANDY j, batterham, phil rogers, or mark pharis.

Judy Shreve said...

Robert Briscoe - Wisconsin?
Leach - UK?
I give up -- sure would love a yunomi -- guess I need to head to your etsy shop - lol.

Scott Baker said...

I certainly don't know most of these, but I think the ash glaze bowl is yours and the glass is from Target?

Also, I like that you did pulled rather than cane handles on the teapots. They look good.

matty said...

I like the videos.
could you do a video of a teapot

John said...

I can't even begin to guess (aside from the Philbeck), but I sure wish MY dishwasher looked like that, with all that great potttery in it.

Ron said...


brandon phillips said...

ouch, nope. perhaps this was too difficult. maybe i'll take them out and shoot them in a row.

Anonymous said...

Malloy. Crowe.

Anonymous said...


Jerry said...

I'm pretty certain that the faceted bowl and maybe that one yunomi are Kent Harris, if I'm not mistaken.