Friday, September 11, 2009


"Very few people know how to work. Inspiration, everybody has
inspiration, that's just hot air."
-Beatrice Wood

I saw this quote on clayart and it reminded me of something I tell my students on the first day:

"In this class all the work you produce will be of a utilitarian nature, we don't do any ceramic sculpture in here. We work every day...If you want to sit around and think, the sculpture class is down the hall."




Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

No insulting intended.

I don't understand how anyone can be an artist and discount the importance of inspiration?
In my opinion art requires inspiration. Unless you're continuously pouring slip into a mold... ceramics does require creativity, which is derived from inspiration.

cindy shake said...


brandon phillips said...

i don't entirely agree with what she was saying, but it did make me giggle for a minute. i think what she's saying is that inspiration only gets you so far(10% inspiration/90%perspiration?)

and i agree, inspiration is necessary...but it means nothing without hard work. i see dozens of art students every day, everyone of them is inspired and is going to be a great artist. i'd say less than 5% actually work, work, work. they'll be the one's that have a fighting chance at making a living with their art. some don't want to work that hard and that is fine...i believe we call them conceptual artists??? i'm just kidding of course....sort of.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Hey Brandon, I totally get your point. It's a good one.

A starving artist is one that only works when inspired.

Maybe that's what Beatrice Wood was trying to say in that quote.

paul jessop said...

I bet knowone has had the balls to just get up at that point and walk out.
Your spot on of course so many students see art or Pottery as a Doss lesson. they are just wasting theirs and every one elses time.

ang said...

beatrice wood was amazing, working right up into her 90's i think she lived..she made the leap from the cerebral dada movement into potting full time and for a painter made great pots...haha!..