Tuesday, March 27, 2007

gutting and remodeling

these are a bunch of photos of gutting and remodeling my house. it is now about finished and when i get the chance i'll put some pictures up of the finished product.
i'm sorry these photos are all out of order, this blog wouldn't let me rearrange them once i uploaded them.

installing shower tile.

gutted bathroom. its really hard to adequately describe the feeling of apprehension when seeing a room like this. at this stage its hard to imagine it all getting done.

working on kitchen drywall.

jed helping destroy the kitchen

this is looking from the rear bedroom through the middle bedroom to the front bedroom.

this is me underneath the house installing new waterlines.

kitchen cabinets i built.

new kitchen tile

my bedroom. i hate drywall.

new bathroom floor

working on the bathroom floor

kitchen drywall

hallway framing, discussing with my mother the size of my hallway closet.

kitchen, bedroom closet and pantry framing

new bathroom framing and plumbing

yeah for working under the house.

gutting the kitchen....still

did i mention that i hate drywall??? but i love my dog.

ripping out the old kitchen.