Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I think I've made a huge mistake...

I've been blessed with good kiln karma, I've built 14 kilns and they've all worked properly right from the start.  But this kiln...this kiln is a fickle bitch. I've had one semi-successful firing, which I understand now was clearly a taunt from the kiln gods, and many false starts.  I tore down the stack and enlarged it, I'm currently getting the top portion rebuilt.  More air?  That must be what it needs.  That's the only thing left to tweak.  All of karma's unrequited bad kiln fortune is playing it's course and SURELY we must be done with all that by now. 

It's easy to read too much into situations, is the universe telling me I made the wrong choice?  Nah, that's silly talk.  Or is it?  Hmmm. 

6 weeks to my next show and not a single pot made for it, not to mention the more pressing task of fulfilling rewards of all my kickstarter backers who have shown much patience with my kiln fumbles.  Sometimes this job sucks too.  But...the dude abides.  Onward to the studio.