Friday, April 19, 2013

St. Paul

Today was the first day of the ACC show in St. Paul, the weather was pretty bad but we still had some decent crowds.  Here is my booth...I prefer the 15' wide vs 10'.  It costs more but I feel it shows better...go big or go home. 

Some folks had some nice things to say about me on the facebook.

The weather reminds me of why I don't live here.  For those that may not know, I was born and raised in Hopkins, Minnesota...I have deep Minnesota roots.  I've been in Texas for nearly 14 years but MN will always feel like home to me.

If you're in the area come on out and say hello, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-5.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Firing XXI

Firing XXI before & after.  It was a good one!  I tried a new firing schedule that is an adaptation of my quick firing schedule with the need to soak my ash glazes.  Firing time: 7.5 hours.  When I get a chance maybe I'll share a bit about my firing theories. 

Well, it appears the #1's have it.  I will write a post about The Yunomi Standard: the retarded economics of pricing handmade pottery.  This is not necessarily a post on how one should price pots(high/low) but rather a look at how one might arrive at a given price but also a look at why some feel that certain pots should command higher prices than other pots given the same amount of work involved.  It will be a fun post riddled with humor, frustration, back stabbing, shit talking, and a whole lot of truth. 


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nerd memes.

This is how I felt at the end of firing XXI.
I'm getting too old to fire alone.  Pictures to come.

Still time to vote for the previous post...154 followers and 8 votes?!  Let your voices be heard.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Vote now!

I'm just taking a break from loading firing XXI to let you know that I will be in St.Paul, MN this next week for the American Craft Council show, April 19-21.  If you're in the area stop by and say hello.

I am attempting to revive the blog.  Maybe not posting as often as I did years ago but maybe once a week...or every couple weeks?  We shall see.  I'm sure I will have a number of photos to post from MN when I get back.  I also have a humor oriented cup giveaway in the works.  But in the meantime...I have a few posts in the works that are a little more content oriented.  The problem I have is a) too many thoughts rolling around in my head and b) not enough time to work those out into a meaningful post.  So here is where you come in:  VOTE!  I have listed 3 options for posts that I have outlined but need to be fleshed out.  Left to my own devices these would sit as ideas for eternity.  So I leave the choice in your hands.  The nominees are:

1. The Yunomi Standard: The retarded economics of pricing handmade pottery.

2. Bringing back the guilds: The relevance of our current educational model with regards to traditional craft and why we should abandon it for a modern adaptation of the traditional apprenticeship.

3. Hoesaling:  Working harder to produce more repetitive work with shorter deadlines for less money.  And why, aside from ulcers, it can be a good least for the short term.

Much like our own democratic system you hold the illusion of power!  Use it wisely.  Leave me a comment with your choice and I will knock out a post in the next 2-4 weeks.