Saturday, April 28, 2007

kiln and pots

these are some pots that i have been working on. i have ceased doing production ware for awhile so that i can concentrate on a bunch of new ideas and hopefully make some good work to get me into grad school.
this is thrown and then paddled to give it some sharp corners. its not finished and i'm not sure where its going, but i like it.

this is my barn. even though i live next to a cult, i always love the view when walking to my barn. i feel really blessed to live here.
pile o' bricks. these are fun to move. not.

this is the base of my kiln. on the left is the firebox, you can make out the stoke hole just below the pole, and the ash cleanout on the bottom. the stacking area will be on the left right in front of the flu channels. the arch will be about 4 feet tall above the stacking area. i was hoping to get the arch up today but discovered that metal barns are really hot during the day. i'm going to have to cut some windows for cross-ventilation when firing so i don't die from heat stroke.

closeup of the firebox(left) and stacking area.

front of the firebox. you can see the holes for air and for the hobs.

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Chuck said...

So what happened to your old kiln at the place on Treadaway?