Thursday, July 19, 2007


look below at the photographs. they are the same photo. the one on the left is the original. the one on the right has had the color adjusted. my question is this: why are my photos turning blue? the background is gradated white to black, there is no blue in it. i've heard the theory of natural light casting complementary colors....but then my green pots would have a red cast. not so. i shoot in natural light which could be the problem, but i need to find a solution because i can't afford a tungsten setup. what the heck?


Scott Smith said...

Brandon, did you get any responses to your query? You could probably just turn on a couple of lamps with incandescent bulbs - they give a warmer light.

David North said...

You should be able to fix that with a small white balance adjustment in whatever photo editing program you use. Something like lightroom will allow you to click on a point that's supposed to be a neutral grey and it'll adjust automatically based on that. Also many digital cameras have the option calibrate the white balance by framing just a neutral colour in your scene, you could just frame the background to set the white ballance on your camera that way. Whichever type of light source you use you should be able to get correct colour although daylight is certainly preferable to incandecent. Hope this helps.