Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Deep Roots show can be seen here. I still have to upload my pots and Kent Harris' pots which hopefully I'll do sometime tomorrow. I wouldn't call this the most professional method of getting the work out there, but it's all we had time for so it will have to do.

Not much of anything going on in the studio, in fact I haven't even been up there in a few days. I'm leaving for Kansas next Tuesday to help my brother do some work on his house. I'll mix up clay and get it out in the racks before I leave so I can get back to potting when I come home. I'll have the remaining lumber to finish my treadle wheel this weekend but I may not be able to get to it before I leave, I'm trying to get some odd projects around the house tackled. I spent a good portion of the afternoon crawling under the house replacing some waste lines. Our waste line that runs from the back of the house up to the main line was old 2" cast iron that was so corroded on the inside it was about 1/2" of usable line. We'd been having some problems with our washing machine backing up so it was time to get it done. I'll be working on some gardening the next couple days so that'll be nice.

So long for now!

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-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

I just checked out the show on the internet...wow! Absolutely gorgeous work, from you and all the other artists. And thank you for posting everything so those of us not in the area can check it out. It is nice to be able see work from the shows instead of just hearing about them.