Thursday, July 2, 2009

more pots.

Here are some of the pots that I thought came out really nice.

I've sized this one large so you can better see the crackle pattern.

This is a cone 6-8 amber glaze that I'm trying to adjust for the cool spot in my wood kiln(cone 8-9ish) This is the original glaze at about cone 9, nice but obviously too runny.

This is a picture for Joe. When I make the spout the I collar in the top so it's leaning inward and then pull the edge out a bit like a pitcher spout. Similar to Clary Illian's teapot spouts but not as dramatic.

Leaving at 4am for a show in Rockport, TX. It's on the coast and it's always beautiful there, I'll take my camera and snap a few photos.


Chris C. said...

Is that slip specially formulated to crackle?

I really like that amberish glaze. Been trying to find one like it, but for ^10

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Love the glaze and texture combination on the first pot. Great work.

brandon phillips said...'s a crackle slip. it goes on the bisque thick like or thicker than glaze and then you glaze right over it once it's dry. google "crackle slip clayart" and you should be able to find the recipe, i use the one that has zircopax in it.

Anonymous said...

beauty pots... like the first one with rope pattern, that amber glaze is yummy too

Hollis Engley said...

lovely pots, Brandon. And that crackle slip does work great under your blue ash.

Joe and Christy said...

Brandon sorry to see your wadding trouble. Thanks also for the teapot pictures.
On a somewhat random note, I've been thinking about you not having wood for your firing... Have you ever considered adding in oil drip burners to your wood kiln. It seems like oil can give some of the same warmth to pots that wood can. It's always been Christy and I's nightmare to not be able to find wood anymore. I thought for quite a while about firing half and half wood/oil like Will and Douglass did. I helped them with a firing and it was a pretty smooth transition fromm wood in the begining to finishing off with oil (for the first chamber). They said they couldn't tell a difference in their pots except there was less ash. Well that's my random thought for the day. Sorry, it's been brewing in my head for several days now.
Thanks again for the teapot picture.

Collin said...

nice pots brandon. Like that first jar a lot.

Anonymous said...

more wood available on freecycle: I cut down a tree and do not have the time to take it and the tree limbs to the recycling center. If you want them for firewood or whatever, first come first serve. 934 South Bowie Drive - Look for white picket fence.