Saturday, January 30, 2010

hey joe.

I came home on thursday to a package from utah...guess what was inside? A Joe Bennion yunomi. Very unexpected, thanks Joe!

This is the biggest yunomi we own, bigger than an Oestreich(as in Jeff, not the bird.) I bet the thing holds like 18-20 oz. Here is a shot of his cup, a mt dew can and what I consider to be a large yunomi of mine.

Today I took a bunch of pots over to a gallery for a small group show I'm in...I'll post photos when I'm allowed. I have some pots to handle and foot today so I'd better stop blogging and get to work.


klineola said...

Nice one. Maybe you gan get a 20 ouncer in the Bennion and really get some work done!

I had the pleasure of drinking out of a BP yunomi at Ron's the other day. Sweet.

Ron said...

Totally cool. I drank tea out of my JB mug this morning. It's a Joe day.

FetishGhost said...

HUGE... maybe I'm not thinking big enough.

Lori Buff said...

That is a really beautiful piece. I love the swirl on the bottom, thanks for including that. I'm always looking at the feet of pots to see any surprises that show there.

Anonymous said...

I sit down most mornings with 16+ oz of extra dark cocoa. I do make a little tea bowl but I never use then myself.
Joe the Potter