Sunday, February 28, 2010

wood and goats.

I've finished loading the kiln and today I dealt with the wood so that I can fire on Tuesday, lord willing. When it comes to firewood I usually go and pick up it up on the weekends when I'm getting close to a firing. Today was the first time that I picked up wood, sorted, cut, chopped, and stacked it all in one day. All of that took approximately 7-8 hours...longer than I thought all that took.

It's about time for me clean up this sprawling mess of a wood pile. When I unload the truck I toss all the wood into these piles. Believe it or not the wood is seperated into different sizes even though it looks like a mess. I could be more organized though.

The longer pieces are cut to fire box length on this table and stacked against the wall. When this rack is full all the pieces are chopped with an axe to approximately 2x2 size pieces and then stacked inside the barn. Then I burn those suckers.

Here's a little goat video. My truck is already pretty beat up, it is a work truck after all but I felt this was too funny to pass up and I promptly shooed them off after I shot this. Enjoy.



Winchell Clayworks said...

Hah! I've seen cat paw prints on the hood, but never goat tracks. Too funny--I'll be forwarding this to my mother and telling her to be thankful that her goat can't get on her windstar (but she does try to follow my mother into the house).

klineola said...

I've heard of king of the hill and I've heard of king cabs, but this may be the first goat match on the hood of a truck I've ever witnessed!
Maybe this is a Dodge Ram??
OK I'll stop now. It's late and I just need to hit the sack!

Ron said...

Too Funny. Thanks.
I'm looking forward to your firing. Happy March.

Dan Finnegan said...

No doubt this goat scene will end up on one of Ron's pots!

cindy shake said...

HAhaha those goats are sooo funny! Hope your hood was spared(?) I'm surprised you haven't made any clay goat effigies -I think they LOVE you!!

Jerry said...

I second Dan's idea!

Ron said...

I'm on it!