Thursday, March 11, 2010

kiln stuff.

Our show last weekend was a bit of a bust...we sold some work but the crowds were minimal and we were rained out on sunday. What can you happens.

We finished up the car kiln in class today. We put fiber with a stucco coat over it on top of the arch but no photo of that yet. The burners will get hooked up some time soon and we'll fire it up and see how it works and then on to the salt kiln.

Front view, hard brick around the spyholes to resist wearing, they're also offset because the shelf posts go right up the middle, something I didn't take into account with the first car kiln I built.

Side view, the sides are exposed more to the weather so we covered them with a layer of steel to help out. The car rolls so smooth, I can pull it out and push it in with one butter.

Clamp detail on the door. The first gas kiln I ever helped fire had these and I've finally had the proper tools to build and incorporate them. They're suh-weeeet.

If you want your very own I can build it for you in 5-6 days. I'm free this summer.
Clay drying in the racks...more pots soon.


Bert said...

I figured that Sunday was washed out with all the rain, sorry more people didn't show on Saturday. Enjoyed meeting and talking with you and now having more than just a name and a face to associate with when I read your

Ron said...

Kiln looks great man! Sorry the show was not a good one and wet at that.

ang design said...

kiln looks great! nice job on all the gadgets...

Alex Solla said...

What do you figure it cost you to build this kiln? Just wondering about your material costs.

Sorry to hear the show was a bust. Like you said, it happens. Sure sucks when it does though.

Linda Starr said...

What a wonderful kiln, I can't imagine how wonderful it would be have one of those gliding in so easily; sorry about the show, this is the year of a lot of weather, that's for sure.

brandon phillips said...

alex- without the burners it's somewhere between $4-5000. 6 or 7 years ago it would've been half that. I got a decent price on bricks, we used 2 different grades for cost effectiveness, we paid $2-2.50 per brick. There is $450 worth of steel in this kiln...steel has gotten so expensive. a nice set of ward burners will set you back another $2000, though if you do some studying and understand how they work you can build a pair of ward power burners for about $600. so all new this kiln would be around $6-7000.