Monday, May 17, 2010

House stuff.

We're still working on the father came into town for the weekend to give me a hand. We hung the sheetrock in the bedroom and then gutted the living room. I meant to take more photos of the progress in the bedroom but it just slipped my mind. We're doing the exact same thing in the living room so maybe I'll be able to snap some more shots.

New windows and sheetrock.

The vault.

The living room. On the right side you can see 2x4's added to the bottom of the existing 2x4 rafters giving us approximately 7+ inches. This is to give enough room for venting and insulation up to the peak of the vault. The 2x4's on the left are braces for the roof, they'll come out after the other side of the ceiling is in...or I might leave them if they're not in the way, more bracing is never a bad thing.

By attaching strips of OSB to the 2x4's and then nailing that to the existing rafters we're able to get an approximate 2x8 thickness. OSB oriented in this fashion is actually stronger than dimensional lumber(look up I-Joists if you've never heard of them.) The rafters had a bit of sag to them so by using these OSB strips and forcing up the rafters we ended up with a perfectly straight and flat ceiling. I initially was going to put strips on both sides of the rafter but the originals are true 2x4's, 2"thick vs 1.5" for current lumber so I'll just leave it at this.
Here is a photo of Lucy and me sitting in the living room circa 2006 when I bought the house. It'll be quite the dramatic change.

Last but not least, an early birthday present to myself. One of my favorite potters and one of the best in my opinion. Can you guess who? Not terribly difficult. On a difficulty rating of 1-10 this is about a 3.



Ron said...

Nice work man! I already saw the teapot post on FB so I'll leave it to someone else to guess. That's a sweet pot. Did you buy it directly from him or from a gallery??

Hollis Engley said...

Gotta be either Phil Rogers or Richard Batterham. I'm guessing Rogers.

Collin said...

man that's a pretty glaze. did you get this from the David Mellon catalogue?

Joe and Christy said...

Well I'm thinking Hollis missed his mark by going with Phil Rogers. I have a friend who has a very nice faceted teapot by Richard Batterham. If your teapot isn't Batterham it's certainly someone who has spent some quality time with him and/or his pots.

Mike said...

The teapot is by Richard Batterham. No doubt!