Monday, August 30, 2010

12 by 12.

I made some soup bowls this morning, 25 by 10:20 but hey, who's counting?

Here is a finished soup bowl I brought from the showroom to model. These are kinda labor intensive for a small piece(for me anyways): they have a pulled handle and a turned foot, how crazy is that?!! Everytime I make them I wonder why I don't just leave a flat bottom on these and cut the turning(aka:trimming) stage out completely. Then I remember my committment to craftsmanship and pride for my work, oh yeah.... I like to do what industry can't or won't otherwise what's the point?

Here is a short video of Willem Gebben-one of my favorite potters, if not the favorite. The narration'll see. Kent Harris found this and shared it on Facebook and now it is my gift to you. Enjoy.


Ron said...

Very cool to see that video on Willem. I've never seen him before and he didn't look like I thought he would. We have only one of his pots but I'd like to have a few more someday.

Nice soup bowls man!

ang design said...

intriguing...the scale thing again with photos they look like cups...maybe a hand model like hollis used the other day, it was brilliant for a scale the glaze on you reference piece too..

Sister Creek Potter said...

Great post. Love the soup bowls and the video was great. Thanks for sharing.