Friday, December 24, 2010

A boy and his dog

Saybra and I had our Christmas a couple nights ago, before we hit the road to go see family. She had been teasing me for a couple months telling me that she got me the best christmas present ever. She had a painting made for me that is a copy of a photograph that she took when she and I had first started dating. It was taken in my backyard while I was playing with my dog Lucy during a particularly green summer(rare.) This was when I was working as a carpenter and this was a rare day off. I had been doing a little work in the studio, you can see the clay on my shorts, and whats funny is you can see the awesome tanline on my legs from working in shorts and boots, a necessity in the Texas summer. I've had Lucy for a little over seven years, I don't know exactly how old she is but she was full grown when I got her. She was raised to be a guard dog but didn't take to it and was beaten pretty bad in an attempt to make her mean but it never worked. She was rescued and was gifted to me by a friend. She has been my constant studio companion since I first got her. She has a bed in my studio and I bring her with me whenever I can. We almost had to get rid of her a couple years ago because of her territorial issues with our other dogs but she is very important to me so I opted to micro-manage and work with her and she fits in very well now. Saybra wanted to find a way to immortalize Lucy in a painting since she's getting on in years and we're not sure how much time she has left with us. I'm particularly fond of the photograph this is based on, it was a happy day for the three of us. Best christmas present ever? That's a good possibility.

In other news the winter break from school has been no break for me. I've been potting like a mad man since school let out a couple weeks ago. I've got another firings worth of work ready to go and I am getting ready to start making some more. I've got the ACC show coming up in a couple months and the pickings are slim here so I need to bust it and get some good work done. No rest for the weary.

Here is a deco that I'm fond of.

Another 1200 pounds of clay that should be ready in a couple weeks. I usually do this outside but it's a bit too cold for that.

Happy holidays!



cookingwithgas said...

what a great present- and you know how well someone knows you when they think of something this special.
Merry Christmas to you all!
The pots look great but I have yet to see any of your work that is not top notch.

cindy shake said...

What a beautiful gift and an incredibly cool composition! Merry Christmas!

ang design said...

very cool gift indeed...merry christmas!! no rest huh...well hope you have a super holiday season and very nice deco too...

Tracey Broome said...

What a great gift!!! I got a painting of my grandmother's house in the snow years ago for Christmas and I still treasure it. I love this story of your dog, mine is getting pretty old and I'm going to miss him terrible when he is gone. Happy Christmas!