Thursday, December 2, 2010

Firing #7.

I fired off the kiln today. It fired well, no more that 1/2 cone off in any place where there were cones. The firing went off without a hitch except for the fire dept showing up...again. I appreciate good samaritans but who calls the fire dept for smoke coming out of a chimney? Weird. I met them in the driveway and a couple of them had been here before so they were on their way in just a couple minutes.

It's really important to me and I really enjoy doing all aspects of the firing myself. Gathering the wood, cutting, chopping, sorting, stacking it. Grinding shelves, loading and firing as well. The only thing that I accept help with is the unloading and even then Saybra is the only one that I'll allow. I'd considered having help this last time around and had a couple people interested but ultimately decided to do it all myself. When we woodfired in college there was a bit of a party atmosphere. We'd all hang out and have a good time and the firings would ultimately end up uneven, over-reduced or any other mess of problems because no one was really paying attention to the firing. I've had people want to come out and fire and they always seem to want to barbecue and drink beers which is fun but the firing is a time for focused and diligent attention. My kiln holds about 200 pots which is usually around 2 months work for me(and a good portion of my livelihood), I'm not going to give anything but my undivided attention and the only way I can do that is to do it alone. So be it.

Here is the back stack.

And the front stack, 185 pots altogether. Unloading Saturday morning.

My post-firing beverage. I prefer Strongobow but the only place that carries it is all the way across town.

The online portion of the home sale goes up on etsy Wednesday(12/8) morning at 9am central. There will be plenty of good pots there, assuming the firing went well(fingers crossed.)



Tracey Broome said...

I'm with you on the firing alone. I recently posted a picture on my blog of a quiet evening alone with my kiln. It just turns into a social event when others are around and the firings never turn out as good as when I am by myself.

Craig Edwards said...

Yup, I have to agree on firing with as few people as possible, better fires. I call the county dispatch when I fire, I used to just call the fire dept. but with cell phones these days people will call the sheriff, highway patrol, etc. The county dispatch, around here will notify all those types that when there are flames coming out of the chimney it's a good thing:O)/ The fire dept will hand me a bill if they come out.
Here's to a good firing.

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like a nice pack, Brandon. Good luck with the firing.

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like a nice pack, Brandon. Good luck with the firing.

MattyT said...

Firing alone is a lot better. Pretty much impossible with Anagamas, but the less people the better in my opinion. The worst is when people are invited to the firing as a marketing thing. Totally breaks up the rhythm of the firing and can easily ruin it.

Lori Buff said...

Craig is right, it's a good idea to inform the fire department that you're going to fire & to expect a call. Also let them know how closely you watch things so they trust that you will call if something gets out of control.