Sunday, December 5, 2010

New pots.

The homesale is over for the day so I now have time to post a few photos! The firing was a good one, there was a dark area that got over-reduced but overall one of the best I've had. We unloaded at about 7am on Saturday morning, the homesale started at 10. Not the ideal way to do things but it all worked out okay. The majority of pots are still sitting in the barn but we did set up quite a few in the showroom and sold a chunk of them. Here are a few pots that I really liked, some of which have already made their way to new homes.

Oval vase. Orange slip over white slip. I did a whole bunch of slip and glaze tests during the late summer/early fall, these were a couple that I liked and did a few pots with. I enjoy the contrast between these two.

Another oval vase.

Lidded jar.

Tall pitcher. Orange slip over tile 6.

Some mugs, all tile6 slip in different parts of the kiln.

Big lidded jar.

Some serving bowls.

Soup bowls, the bowls on the left are stacked rim to rim.

Amongst the tests I did this summer/fall I was looking for a new liner glaze. I used a variation of the old 442 ash glaze for a long time but it just wasn't versatile enough and it was this terrible pond scum sort of yellow when it would get blasted with salt. I used that glaze as a base and changed things, added/subtracted things, etc. I used the salt kiln to test because it gives a very similar atmosphere to the wood kiln. I had several tests that showed promise and then used a couple in larger batches to help ultimately decide what glaze I would use. This glaze is the one that I've chosen. It's a distant relative of 442, this one has no addition of iron so it's a bit lighter. It still yellows when the salt hits it but I like this yellow quite a bit. This glaze is also a little more versatile in the kiln. It looks good at cone 8.5-9 all the way to 11 which is a common temp variation in my kiln.

I'll take photos of more pots later on. The etsy sale will go up Wednesday at 9am.



Ron said...

Holy crap I can't believe you have a price gun!!!
Pots look great man!!

cookingwithgas said...

The pots look great- i love the simple design- fits nicely with your work.

brandon phillips said...

thanks guys.

ron-the price gun will change your life. it looks kinda corporate but i can price a couple hundred pots in a few minutes.

Joe and Christy said...

The pots look great! congrats on a successful firing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sweet sweet pots. Hope the sale goes well. -Andy

Hollis Engley said...

Yep. Real good looking pots there, Brandon.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Hope you will post some of these on etsy. Where did all the blue celadon pots go?

Judy Shreve said...

These pots look great!

carter gillies said...

If that lighter mug on the left hasn't sold yet put my name on it! These are all such beautiful pots.

collin said...

nice. nice. nice. that white slipped lidded jar with the leaf on it is primo.