Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The grind.

There's not much to report here except more of the studio grind. I've given myself a bit of a break the last week and only spent a few hours here each day. I spent time cleaning the studio and I also replaced a thermocouple on our electric kiln, it turned out that was only part of the problem and next week I'll get to replace the elements as well. I guess that will help round out my kiln maintenance experience.

Today I footed and decorated these platters, they're about 18". The base slip goes on before they're footed, it keeps the middle from sagging in the foot ring.

I like these little dishes, there were actually five but for some reason two of them got a little too stiff to trim while under the plastic. I chucked them across the studio, sometimes you just gotta throw a pot(pause for laughter.) Sometimes throwing them across a room is more therapeutic than throwing on the wheel.

Lug detail.

Cap jars.

Today's freshly thrown work.

A couple weeks ago I made these little dollies for some of my glaze/slip buckets. I store the buckets under the lowest shelf on my ware rack. I slip pots almost everyday so to drag these out everyday tends to hurt the back. I made them with scrap from the wood shop at the univ. I had 8 casters from some unfinished project long ago and put them to use. I wouldn't recommend using the casters with brakes on them but they're what I had. I bought more of the plain ones for the other dollies. My best guess is it would cost $10-15 each to build these, it sounds pricey but dollies for 5 gallon buckets are $30-40. Yikes!


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Linda Starr said...

Nowadays every penny saved is a penny earned. that's a lot of work for limited studio time, like that slipped bowl, I'll have to try chucking, no then I'd have to clean it up. I smash the fired ones with glaze flaws in a bag.