Thursday, March 3, 2011


We're home from Baltimore. We had a variety of electrical problems with our trailer, we'd fix one and something else would pop up. Overall though, that's nothing to complain about. We had a great show, sent a lot of pots off to good homes, made some money and met many bloggers and blog readers. We had a nice visit from Dan Finnegan and his crew from Liberty Town. We also had a nice visit with Maishe Dickman from Connecticut, Dan and Maishe had never met and we all got on pretty well with each other.

After the show we stopped in NC and stayed with Ron Philbeck and spent a day out and about but only made it to 3 potteries. I'll save that for another post though, I'm really wanting to just lounge on the couch for a bit.



Dan Finnegan said...

A couple of old guys passing the baton....great to meet you both. I hope that sales were good!

Liz Paley said...

At last! Been waiting for that post-elevator follow up...