Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Pots!

Most of these pots are from the most recent firing in mid-February, the others are from the previous firing in January. I will be posting these and many others to my etsy page on Monday, they'll be up at 9am.

Jug...about 1/2 gallon.

Small lidded jar.


Large serving bowl.

Small dish/bowl

Slab molded dish.

Dessert plate

Dessert plate

Mug, nice flashing on this guy.

I'm putting up about 6 yunomi on etsy.



Ron said...

I knew I should have got you to unpack all those boxes when you were here!! Nice work. Digging that slab dish.

FetishGhost said...

I'm hung-up on your canister lids... sweet, sweet, sweet.

jbf said...


carter gillies said...

If that covered jar is in my price range I've got to get it! (Email me to see if I can afford it, and if I can it will save you the bother of posting it.) I have wanted a jar of yours for a while now, and this one is a beaut. Since that Michael Simon hut jar of mine crumbled a few weeks ago I have needed a replacement, and this one should do just fine. How's that for a compliment?

Thanks for making such great pots!

Anonymous said...

man. nice stuff. seriously.