Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Uns.

I've been making some big pots...just because. Check out the sweet Mike Dodd via Batterham knock-off. The tallest is 27", certainly not the biggest I've made but good size. These are all made with the coil and throw method.

Here are 3 even bigger pots I'm working on. These will potentially be the biggest pots I've ever made, maybe 40-48" tall. 25# base + 15 coil so far. They are currently 23-24" wide.

Maybe I'll do a video tomorrow of adding a coil.



Anonymous said...

Please do make a video of adding a coil! I've tried to make large pots before but haven't been successful so any tips would be excellent.

cindy shake said...

How cool! I want to sgraffito on those babies!!

jbf said...

Great looking pots! I would like to see that video too. I really like the bands.

FetishGhost said...

Whoa! Those are biggins.
I love the profiles on the 3 you have completed. The banding that divides up the surface pulls me in.
I'm voting to to see you add a coil.

Julia said...

Beautiful BIG pots! Very interesting forms.

Hollis Engley said...

Yes, Brandon, let's see a vid. I've been beginning to throw some things that will eventually get to the size you're working. After the Doug Fitch workshop, I bought a weed-burner torch to begin making big stuff. Thus far have only done large bowls from a pounded base and one fat coil, but will move soon to more vertical things. Would love to see your process.