Sunday, February 12, 2012


My pots at Schaller were sent to be part of a group show, the only other person I knew that was going to be in the show was Warren Mackenzie, enough for me, I'm in!  The show finally went up today and man am I stoked about the company that I am in.  I'm a hard workin mofo and it's nice to see that paying off. 

In other news I fired off XV today.  It was an erratic firing, the front stack was a little looser than the rest and so it was a fight to keep it from getting too hot.  But, we got a nice little snow fall at the end of firing, it was purdy.  I'll unload on Tuesday.  I'm leaving this Saturday for Baltimore, not sure if I'll be posting again before then.  Gonna be a busy week!



Tracey Broome said...

Damn, looking at that page made me want to start all over again, but I would be 90 before I could make anything that could go with that group! Congrats, well deserved, but they don't have your nicest two bowls, I do :)

Unknown said...

Amazing group- I pinned a bunch, including yours :)