Sunday, March 18, 2012

The build.

This last week was spring break so I've spent the time working on a new studio.  I've been planning this for...well...years.  I think every potter has ideas for a dream studio, I know I certainly have mine.  This studio is my semi-dream studio.  It's pretty darn close to what I've always wanted but a more fiscally responsible version.  The new studio will be within spitting distance of my kiln which means no more commutes for the pots via my truck bed.  So here's a little photo essay of the weeks progress:

I formed and poured the piers before I left for the Atlanta show.  I really wanted to do a slab but I chose not to for a couple reasons:
1) The cost: The best price I got from reputable contractors was about $5 per square foot.  I had a bid for $2.50 but the guy was pretty sketchy(the studio is about 500 sq ft.) Pier and beam cost about $2 per square foot for concrete, beams, joists and decking/subfloor.
2) A framed floor is something that I can do myself.  I have pretty much no experience with concrete work, and while I could probably figure it out concrete is not the most forgiving material.  If you screw it up you can't just rip it out and redo it. 

The local lumber yard delivering my floor joists.

The studio is 16 x 32'.  I used 2x10's for the floor joists which can span the 16' but I ran a beam down the middle to cut the span in half so that I ended up with a really solid/rigid floor. 

Finished floor joists, beams and blocking.

I glued and screwed down the subflooring, I'm not a big fan of squeaks.  Kaylee hanging out in the place where she is destined to be spending much more time in the future. 

I did everything up to this point by myself but once things start getting vertical it requires another set of hands.  This is my buddy Allen, he rents a room from me and has a lot of free time on his hands so I enlisted his service.

Walls going up, siding up. 

The studio has a shed roof, 12' on the tall side down to 8'.  I have 3 84x22" windows that are gonna go up at the top of the 12' wall to let in lots of light. 

Here is where it stands as of this afternoon.  I finished the decking on the roof and was taking a little break while Allen put on a proper pair of shoes for walking on the roof.  We got the underlayment on right before it went completely dark.  While Texas is not #1 on my list of places to live, and I don't intend to stay here forever, I'm pretty happy with my location.

Well, there it is.  The studio will get shingles and some exterior work this next weekend but tomorrow I have to head back to the grind, and by grind I mean my dream job of potting and teaching.  It will be several months if not longer before the studio gets completely finished but since it will be dried in this next weekend I can work on it as time and money provide.

As far as show news goes...the ACC Baltimore show was 2 thumbs up, the Atlanta show was 1.5 thumbs down.  I'll leave it at that.



Linda Starr said...

Those upper windows are going to be great, nice job.

cookingwithgas said...

you will love having this space and you know that home is where you are.

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Looks like an awesome studio space when done. Enjoy!!

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Very cool :)

Joe Troncale said...

Congratulations on your new space! You have got to be psyched! Nothing like new beginnings!

klineola said...

I know you're going to love the short walk to the kiln, as I drove pots from 7 miles for 7 years. It looks great.