Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oil Burner

Yesterday I tested out the oil burner I constructed.  It seemed to work very well.  I tested it with diesel, knowing that oil would be difficult to light without preheating.  It does need a couple of tweaks but overall I'm fairly satisfied.  The manufacturer of the nozzle stated that a fan was needed so I followed their CFM requirements but I didn't notice any difference with the fan on/off or at different speeds.  So I'm not sure about that one.  This friday I'm going to hook it up to our gas kiln and give it a test and see what kind of temp it can produce on its own and how much fuel it consumes, that will give me a reasonably accurate estimate of BTU's.  If it is adequate then I can move forward with tearing down my kiln and building the new kiln. 


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Liberty Stoneware said...

This is really exciting and I look forward to reading more about your experiments with it. There's a lot going on here in NC with biofuels (Piedmont Biofuels is not far from me), but that does make it hard to access waste oils on our own (because now people with the oil want to sell it rather than give it away). While I have access to excess wood, I'll continue with that route, but alternative fuels are always fun to learn about! Good luck!