Thursday, April 17, 2014

Coming down and going up!

I'm excited that my kickstarter is finished and I was able to raise what I needed to get this new kiln up and running.  I started taking down the wood kiln a couple weeks ago, trying to sort what was reusable and what wasn't as I took it down.  

Look at those gaps!

Above the grates there was getting gnarly!  I tried to save the bagwall to use as a classy lawn ornament but it was just too heavy to move.

Not much left.

I snapped chalklines for the kiln and laid down a layer of self-leveling compound so that the foundation was perfectly flat and level.

Today I laid up the concrete blocks for the foundation and layer of cement board on top so that I start with a perfectly flat area to lay brick.

Here is the kiln shed, my studio is just to the right.  I'm going to put a metal roof on it once I get the stack through the roof.

Well, that's all for now.  I'm hoping to start laying the floor of the kiln tomorrow, I also need to go track down a brick saw.  I started loosely planning this project almost a year ago so it feels good to see it start coming together.  



Scott K Roberts said...


Scott K Roberts said...

Oh, the Dutch Hip really cool.. pieces of my old bag walls decorate a few of Kay's flower beds.

brandon phillips said...

The original shed was just gable ends that covered the slab, you can tell by the edges of the OSB where I added on. The dutch hip was sort of an afterthought, but I like it.

I saved a big chunk of the bagwall, almost'll find a place somewhere.