Monday, December 31, 2007

eye candy

i had a bit of free time today so i thought it might be interesting to document some pots that inspire me and my work. none of these pots were made by me, they were all produced by other potters. all of these pots are used, some more than others.

this is my favorite dinner plate. by patrick veerkamp, salt fired.
these are a couple of dessert plates by randy johnston and warren mackenzie.

these are some tiny little plates by jan mckeachie-johnston. these don't get much use because they're so small, but they're so beautiful. wood fired.

this is platter by daphne hatcher of texas. it is a slab platter with a thrown foot. wood fired, about 16 inches.

three of my favorite mugs, i can't remember the name of the guy on the left, the middle is by dee buck of buck pottery, and on the right is a mug by willem gebben. willem is one of my favorite potters and quite underrated.

here are some yunomi. warren mackenzie, willem gebben, phil rogers(england), randy johnston

these are both little porcelain bowls, on the left by willem gebben, on the right by a texan native paige shelton. try to notice the carving on the right bowl, translucent and magnificent.

this is my favorite cereal bowl. by david caradori of eau claire, wisconsin. salt fired.

this bowl is by phil rogers. i spent a few weeks in england back in 2002. this bowl was love at first sight. i picked this and some other pots up while i was there. salt fired.

this small bowl is by warren mackenzie. i think i paid $8 for it. sometimes i just sit and stare at it. beautiful.

this pot is by north carolina potter ron philbeck. i bought this pot via the internet in 2002 i think. i saw it on ron's page and fell in love. i have not been disappointed. there are many wonderful subtle details in this pot.

both of these are by english potter mike dodd. mike dodd is one of my favorite potters. i picked them up on my aforementioned trip to england. i bought the one on the right the second day i was in england. i bought the one on the left 2 weeks later on the other side of the country at a craftsmans gallery. i couldn't remember what the first pot exactly looked like and when i got home discovered that i'd bought almost the same pot twice. still makes me laugh.

this is a large vase by warren mackenzie.

pitcher by patrick veerkamp. notice the quiet brushwork that has been partially obscured by the salt.

teapot by warren mackenzie. this is my favorite piece of pottery that i own. it has a special story that i'll share at a later date.

i hope that wasn't too boring to anyone.

happy new year!


Togeika said...

Thanks for the images Brandon! It was a joy to be home in Minneapolis this summer. Was out to the MacKenzie's several times and ate off of fine pottery there. I am of the same mind as Warren: I would rather use other peoples' work because then you are having a dialog, rather than just speaking to yourself. I also enjoyed visiting Willem, Mark Pharis and seeing Bob Briscoe and Will Swanson at the Uptown Fair.

My wife Jean threw the I Ching for me for the New Year asking about my decision to spend more time in Minnesota. It was an interesting response and relates to the paragraph above. I will post it here:

We use a lot of little dishes like Jan MacKechie's that you show. We use them for pickles, condiments and soy sauce.

Thanks again,

Ron said...

Thanks for sharing those. It's fun to see what folks have. I always rattle through peoples cupboards when we visit to check out their pots. I'd like to hear more about your trip to England if you have time to write about it sometime.
Best, Ron

Lena said...

I love looking at this stuff. You got me so interested in it and well, looking at the pics take me back from when I got to see you throw so much! Hope all is well!

Oh, and I made tortillas last night...too bad I had nothing to put them in lol

Lena said...

Yes, I understand. I left feeling like there was so much left unexplained and little forewarning of what was to come.
I was hoping teaching would allow me the time to work on my own art, but with graphic design dead to me, no facilities for printmaking, and little experience in pottery (which I began to love) I'm at a loss when it comes to what's next...but I need that outlet somehow.
Maybe I'll invest in a super nice camera, and some evening pottery classes.

Anonymous said...

Superb taste in pots as always, Brandon. Thanks again for helping me out this weekend. You have a lot of favorite potters...;-)