Sunday, March 30, 2008

no weekends off.

the majority of my weekend was spent doing pottery related things. i made plenty of pots, mixed up some slip and glaze and picked up a load of firewood.

cut-foot cap jars. i love making these.

i market these as butter dishes, slightly untraditional. i discovered that they don't sit in the fridge too well if you have wire shelves, i'll have to make some flat-bottomed ones.

foot detail of some casseroles.

tall footed cereal bowls, freshly slipped.
a couple of large bowls/platters. they'll be around 18" when fired.

freshly slipped tankards. these are pretty big, i made them to hold a 20oz drink with ice, or 2-12 oz bottles of whatever you're having after an extra hard day.

looking at all of ron philbeck and douglas fitch's earthenware pots made me wanna run my fingers through some wet slip, so i did.
the yunomi show at akar is awesome, check it out!


Ron said...

Hey, Good to see those pots. Makes me want to get out to the studio, which I'd better now. Too much blog surfing this morning. I got your email. I'll send ya a reply later. I like those footed cap jars.

doug Fitch said...


Cynthia said...

Fantastic - I love seeing fresh pots before they're fired!