Thursday, April 3, 2008


two interesting events happened today. the first being the return of our beloved boxer puppy, kaylee. a friend of ours had decided to "adopt" her and took her a few days ago. we have missed her terribly since she left but felt it was the right decision since we already have a full house. kaylee was so depressed and wouldn't eat, play, and has been a bit unruly, so we offered to take her back with open arms, there's always room for one more.

event number two took place out in the kiln shed while preparing to load a firing. i'll preface by saying that my kiln door is a swinging door, a metal frame dry stacked with insulating firebrick held together by friction. for whatever reason, the wind, perhaps a ghost, i don't know, the brick in the door decided to take a tumble....onto my face. i was surprised at how unpleasant it felt to have a stack of lightweight bricks fall on me. thank god it wasn't hard brick, i'd be a goner. i felt a bit concussed and woozy, so i relaxed most of the afternoon in a bit of a stupor. i spent a few hours later rebuilding the door, i don't have a surplus of brick so i had quite a puzzle to figure out which bricks went where. but its done, i'm okay, my face is a bit swollen but i'll survive. long story short, the kiln did not get loaded.

we are leaving town early in the morning to go to austin. the lady of the house has a conference to attend for work at the austin museum of modern art. work's paying for her trip, so i'll tag along and pick up some stuff from the clay supplier and visit some friends. i'll load and fire when i get back. i have a week and a half to get two firings out, so i'll be plenty busy when we return.


klineola said...

Sorry 'bout the flying bricks. looking forward to seeing more pots. take it easy.

Ron said...

I've often wondered what it would feel like if my arch decided to fall in while I was in the kiln. Luckily that hasn't happened. The door incident sounds pretty bad, soft brick or not. Have fun in Austin. Look forward to seeing the pots later on.