Monday, April 21, 2008

good weekend

this weekend turned out ok. sales and attendance were down from previous years and not one of my previous customers even showed up to the festival. i also felt that the quality of art was down, there was some pretty tacky stuff being shown, but what can you do? sales were ok, pretty good actually if you condsider i didn't have any repeat customers, and the work was very well received, all of my favorites were the first out of the booth, go figure. next year i'll try to get a better spot and have a stronger display, and then we'll really knock em dead.
here are some shots of the new pots, most already gone to their new homes.
i was sad to let this one go, its the best pot that has come out of my kiln.

burnt orange and "champagne" were the colors of our backdrop cloths this year. i don't know why either.

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Ron said...

Hey the pots look great and the display too.