Friday, April 11, 2008

i need some color

here are some shots from wednesdays firing. i'm very pleased. i lost a few pots, had some weird glaze issues on a couple pieces and reduced the back a bit too much, but overall it looked good.

gourgeous, perhaps one of my favorites.

this is the inside of the lid of the previous pot. i've had weird glaze crawls, but never one that travelled uphill, that is very bizarre. this celadon is on the edge of fitting on leatherhard pieces and sometimes it misbehaves, i should make it go stand in the corner and eat some bentonite. theres some pottery humor for you.
i was sad to lose this guy, i was hoping it was gonna be an eye catcher to bring people into the booth. its about 20" across and about 7" tall. eh, what can you do.

firing again on monday, down to the wire. what pressure?


Anonymous said...
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doug Fitch said...

There are some beautiful pots there. At least you get to keep that huge dish for yourself, if it doesn't leave you feeling too disappointed. That LC pot is a beaut too, Ron introduced me to her work - love it.

ang design said...

wow really nice wares, absolutely love the lidded piece even with crawling up hill celedon ......cheers ang