Friday, April 18, 2008

Lubbock Arts Festival

we're having a bit of a lull right now so i thought i would check in. this show is thurs night and all day fri/sat/sun. thurs and fri are usually throwaway days because not too many people show up, but we've done surprisingly well with the small friday crowds. i have had such great responses to the new work, its been really encouraging. many of the artists that i do the show circuit have been telling me how different my work is, and i guess when i really sit down and think about it, it is. it has been a gradual evolution for me so i guess it never occurred to me that my work is a lot different than it was 3 or 4 years ago. pretty interesting. i wasn't able to get my booth completely finished before we left so its not quite as clean and professional as i would have liked but it doesn't seem to have hurt the responses. i have taken some photos of the new work and i'll post them when i get a chance.

if there is anyone in the lubbock area, the show will continue on saturday from 10-8 and sunday from 12-5 at the lubbock civic center.


Ron said...

Glad the show is going well so far. I find it really refreshing to get my work out of the studio and into another place. It lets me see it all in a new light, often making me really proud of it. Your pots have been looking great and I'm glad the last firing was such a good one. Hope you knock em dead this weekend and sell a ton of work.

doug Fitch said...

Absolutely. Things look so different out of the workshop, particularly when they're given a bit of space. Looking forward to reading how you've got on.