Monday, April 14, 2008

its 4 am, do you know where your kiln is?

its 4:23am and the kiln is loaded. there is still some firewood to be cut, but i think i'll do that in the morning. i find that it takes me between 3 and half and 4 hours to get my kiln loaded, so when i start at midnight as i did this evening, i know i'm screwed. there was just so much to be done today(well, yesterday now), finish glazing, picking up and cutting firewood, cleaning out the kiln and scraping/washing the shelves. i hate when i get forced into last minute frenzies like this. i have 2 shows back to back weekends so i really have to have enough finished work for both before i go anywhere. i thought i had everything under control, but the long hours at "the real job" put me way behind. i ended up quitting so that i could concentrate on getting everyting done. so, once again yours truly is a "full-time" potter. the last two weeks have been very enjoyable even with the long studio hours, though its hard to get used to not getting a paycheck on friday, but i think we'll make it work.

enough rambling for now. g'night.

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doug Fitch said...

Oh that all sounds so familiar to me. I try and plan ahead but always finish up working way too late. Good luck with the firing, cheers