Thursday, November 20, 2008

date change

we've decided to change the date of our fall sale to december 6 & 7(can it still be called a fall sale in december?) good thing they hadn't printed the postcards yet! i feel like i am neglecting my students trying to rush and get everything done by thanksgiving so i'll give myself another week so i can give them my full attention since that's the way it should be.

on other exciting news i actually made some pots yesterday! i had a few hours in the afternoon so i made several boards of pots that i now have to find time to finish. moving the sale will be nice because i'll have a new firing out before the sale. i've also invited my students to put some pieces in if they would like, i think it would be fun for them since we didn't get to do raku this semester and its always good to let the ceramics 1 students play with some fire. that will also help me fill the kiln, that will be a bit of a struggle on my own with this little time.

as far as 12' drywall goes the trick is balance and leverage. it only took 8 sheets to cover the walls in my showroom(we'll do the ceiling later), and i wanted to avoid as many joints as possible. i backed my truck right up to the front of the showroom with the sheetrock in the bed and made the cuts that were needed right there in the truck and then i only had to carry them 10-15 feet. its best to work from the top down so i tacked a 2x4 across the studs at 48" down from the top to create a ledge and then when i brought the sheet in all i had to do was get it on the ledge and everything was gravy from there.

kyle- i teach at hardin-simmons university in abilene, tx. its a small private(baptist) school but fairly liberal for a religious institution. i am only an adjunct but since i'm the only one teaching ceramics here i get more perks and responsibility than the average adjunct but still they won't pay for me to go to nceca but if i can swing it i'd love to go. i haven't been since it was in kansas city(2001?).

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