Thursday, November 6, 2008


i mixed up about 1500 pounds of clay today, it filled all the racks i have(and space). as soon as this batch is out i'll do another 1500 or so. its going to start getting cold soon, cold for texas anyways, so i want to have enough clay mixed to see me through the winter. i have an ambitious show schedule for the spring, 7 shows in 4 months, so i'd like to have a lot of work ready. i think i'm going to build some sort of damp box to hold all the clay, i really get tired of having barrels everywhere. i have an old fridge at home that i've been saving for awhile to store clay in but i don't really want to cart it up to the university and i don't know that they'd appreciate it.

the showroom is coming along slowly, too slow for me anyways. i'd post a picture but it kinda looks the same as the last one. i've done some work on the porch ceiling, finished the exterior trim and done lots of caulking to get ready for paint. i want to shingle and paint this weekend but we'll see if that happens. after that all thats left is the interior. i'm thinking of sheetrocking the walls and leaving the ceiling exposed, it would certainly be a little cheaper and easier, and kind of quaint.

i made my first pot in over a month the other day(other than demos) and it felt good to have my hands in clay again. i'm going to try to do a firing the day before thanksgiving, emphasis on try. we'll see if that pans out.

off to teach my night class(and by off i mean two steps out of the office and into the classroom), vases and bottles and pitchers, oh my!

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