Saturday, December 6, 2008

fire, dogs and sales.

i fired the kiln on thursday, i started at about 4:30 am and it was so bone chillingly cold. the first few hours were a very miserable experience. once the kiln started to heat up and the sun came out things were better. i finished the firing at about 2pm in a t-shirt. i'm glad i hadn't yet torn down the kiln because i really needed some more pots to fill up the new showroom. the kiln fired beautifully and the pots were great.

you may notice an unfamiliar dog creeping into that picture above. we have welcomed a new dog to our family(i know, i know...we just got rid of one). this guy was dumped at the park across from our house, an all too common occurrence. we found him the night before thanksgiving and kept him until monday when the pound reopened. he and our dog kaylee got on so well that kaylee was a big bag of miserable after we took him. long story short, nobody adopted him so we did just an hour or two before he was to be put down. needless to say kaylee was ecstatic. he showed up house broken and well behaved, so we lucked out a bit. we've named him hoban, the name has some correlation with kaylee's so kudos to anyone who can figure that out.

here is a photo of a huge jar that my parents dropped off at the house. this has been sitting in my dads office for a few years but i wanted to have a look at it because i'm thinking of making some more. i did a whole bunch of these one semester in college but this one cracked so my dad kept it around for me. this is one of the smaller ones, believe it or not, but it has more facets than any others i did. the facets are done very precisely with a sureform, a very tedious process but the results i think speak for themselves.

here is a small peak of our showroom...ceiling.

new pots. good feet.

day one of our sale was good, i think tomorrow will be good as well. i'll get some shots tomorrow and post them here.


Kyle Carpenter said...

why are you tearing down the kiln?

brandon phillips said...

i'm building a bigger kiln. the one i have now is 25-30 cu.ft. and i have accumulated enough brick to at least double that. more pots for equal the firing effort.

Anonymous said...

Cute dog. I knew it had to do with Firefly, but I had to Goodle the name.

Ron said...

Nice cutting on those bowls.