Sunday, December 14, 2008

the man.

what will you be doing at 85 with silicosis? limitations are in the mind.

i've stolen this photo from Lloyd Cledwyn at


Anonymous said...

That man was unstoppable. He took three shifts during the firing, and when he was on shift he was basically always the stocker.

Thanks for the shoutout.

I'm glad someone else was as struck by this photo as I was taking it.

Judy Shreve said...

Is this Warren MacKenzie? If so - he is amazing. I attended a workshop he gave a few months ago. What a treasure!

Congrats on your gallery & etsy store - hope you get great sales!

Togeika said...

Stopping by to see Warren tomorrow (hey, on my birthday!) The only place I can pump kerosene for my heater is the Fleet Farms near his house. So, stopping by when I do that.

He is why I got into pottery. My wife Jean took me over to his place within a month of meeting her in 1983. When my Zen teacher died, I switched from studies with him to pottery.

Got a show up until friday at Raymond Ave Gallery. Some photos here:
Take a look. Woodfire doesn't only have to be brown. ;^)

brandon phillips said...

tell warren i said hi. he made some plates for my wife and i this summer and i think he'd like to know that we use them daily, often multiple times a day.

Ron said...

Great photo. Warren is amazing for sure. What an inspiration.