Sunday, February 22, 2009

pb&j and iced tea it is.

Firing #1. Overall I am extrememly pleased with this firing. I had 3 or 4 pieces that cracked and about 80% that are firsts and even a few(racers as tony clennell would call them) that will be set aside for a gallery show I'm participating in this summer. The top door-side oxidized a bit on the top and near the flue but all the way down on the first stack were some beautiful yellows, they look bland cream in the photo but they're actually quite nice. I had several pots(the remaining 20%) near the bagwall that have what I call slip-cracking. It's a strange condition that rears its ugly head from time to time. I'll post a photo of it tomorrow and maybe someone out there in pottery-blog land has a solution.

The stack.

The aftermath.


Some pots.

I had a bag with some wadding in it sitting in the house. One of the dogs got it down and opened it up, know who it was?

I'll get some better shots of individual pieces tomorrow when I get a chance. I have a crap-ton of pots to work on tomorrow-I spent all day at the studio throwing to keep myself from peeking and fussing around the kiln.


Kyle Carpenter said...

nice firing, brandon. it all looks great. i'm looking forward to see the slip cracking that you're speaking of. beautiful stuff.

Ron said...

Hey Man they look really great. Glad that first firing went well and is under the belt now. Those ovals got some nice action.