Sunday, August 23, 2009

it works-sort of.

I've been working a little bit on my treadle wheel this weekend while cleaning the classroom. I can't believe school starts tomorrow, summer just flew by! I'm teaching a full class load but none of my classes are full and my advanced class is only a handful of students so things shouldn't be too rough. I'll have plenty of time to get pots made as we have decided not to do any shows for the remainder of this year. We're going to wait things out a bit and shoot for local and internet sales for the remainder of the year. If you were expecting me at a show this fall my sincerest apologies, but I'm still making pots! Check out my etsy page or send me an email if you're looking for something specific.

Is it blurry? Nope, that crazy thing works! The flywheel isn't attached to anything, it's just sitting on the lower bearing with the shaft running through it. I was checking to see if the shaft was properly aligned and that the flywheel ran true. It does...and I didn't even have to tweak anything. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I can work on the offset for the shaft and then this bad boy will be done!

Kick bar receiving its last coats of finish. Ware carts double nicely as places to hang wood being finished.

I've upped the technology a bit on this wheel(though not as much as these ones.) I'm using rod end swivel bearings in a couple places. This will allow the Kick bar to arc(as it should) instead of staying flat while kicking, putting less stress on the part that meets the shaft. In theory anyways...more technology means more things that can break.

My advanced class starts tomorrow afternoon, I'm excited to get that class going, it should be a good one.
There is a special going on over on my etsy page...check it out.

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collin said...

nice work Brandon. I have a Doug Gates treadle wheel and love it.