Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My wife's korean automobile has been giving us a a lot of trouble this last year, it's only 3 years old and of course whatever happens to be wrong is not covered by the joke of a warranty. Instead of dumping anymore money into it we decided to cut our losses and trade it in for a small Toyota Yaris. We've had a lot of Toyota's in my family and we all have nothing but good things to say about them. The sad thing is we had to use our Minnesota vacation money for the down payment, bummer. It's nice to not have that crappy car hanging over our heads anymore though. Hmmmm....I'm dying to make some pots, soon...soon.


cindy shake said...

sorry about your vacation money :o( Toyota is the only way to go, we have a Tundra truck and the Highlander SUV -bought both used and they have given us ZERO trouble.

Make some pots and enjoy that new car smell (and GREAT gas mileage!).

Joe and Christy said...

So sorry to hear about your car troubles.. it sounded like you could have used a vacation. Well, I hope your new car treats you well at least.