Wednesday, December 23, 2009

pots from firing V

Here are some pots from the firing. Overall I'm very pleased. Some of my glazes didn't behave as I had expected but they're still nice. Out of 229 pots I had 2 crack and 2 that need grinding...that's pretty darn good. I was hoping that the residual salt in the kiln would flash the bare areas a little but that didn't happen so some of the pots looked like they came straight out of a gas kiln.

I meant to take photos as I unloaded but once I got in the kiln it was the furthest thing from my mind. So here are a few of my favorites.

Shino teapot. I don't do much with shino, I love it like most potters do but it's a difficult glaze to master(and sell) so I only do a few pieces from time to time. There are tons of potters out there using shino but in my opinion there are less than 10 potters who have really mastered it. Shino is not just a glaze, it's a combination of glaze, clay, firing, phase of the moon, etc. It's easy to get a shino to get some nice color but to get real depth you have to pay attention to every detail of the materials and process. I'm really pleased with the glaze on this guy, I guess I got lucky.

Pitcher, Ame glaze.

Lidded jar with crackle slip.

Ash glazed teapot.

Butter Dish, Ame glaze.


Small bowls. For those of you who don't know Abilene is the true windy city(windier than Chicago!) The guy on the left is a weed from out back yard blowing in the wind.




cookingwithgas said...

Sweet teapots- looked like a good fire over all.
happy Holidays.

ang design said...

mmm the Ame glaze is stunning love the pitcher and the ash glaze teapot just that ash the 4ash- 4felspar- 2ball clay- 2 iron ox?? cool stuff, have a great christmas..

Unknown said...

Nice... have a great Christmas Vacation!!

Linda Starr said...

Your AME glaze really sets off the form of your pitcher and butter dish, and the lidded jar is wonderful, beautiful work. Happy holidays.

jbf said...

Beautiful work!

potterboy said...

Some lovely pots. I particularly like the crackle slip.

Intrigued to know who your 10 or fewer shino masters would be. I could think of a couple. I've struggled with shino - even to get colour - and although I am starting to get results I quite like, and I've had two or three that I've really liked, they're still no where near some of the pots I've seen by other potters. What do you define as a good shino - what does 'depth' mean here (depth of colour? glaze glassiness? Or that other quality?)

There are some shino pots I've been surprised by too. Nic has a pot by the NZ potter, Chester Nealie, which is black and dark red and bubbled and really a bit of a mess. But it's such a mesmerising mess I could sit and stare at the pot for hours - but probably not what you'd call a good shino.

Oh, and they don't sell, as far as I'm concerned - I haven't sold a single shino pot from this last firing.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Congrats on the good firing. That shino teapot is top notch. For the life of me, I don't understand why shinos don't sell (well...I do, but it doesn't make much sense). Should we expect more glaze work in the future, or is it back to the flashing slips?

Ron said...

Dude these rock! What glaze is that over the crackle slip? A celeadon? How would the Ame do over the crackle? I love the Ame on the pitcher! Nice shape on that jar too.
Merry Christmas.

Hollis Engley said...

From this evidence, looks like it was a great firing, Brandon. That AME glaze is especially lovely. As to Andrew's comments about Shino ... I use a couple of different Shinos and have found that I can sell them. A good thing, because it's a major part of what I do. But every market is different. Some people only want blue. Some hate temmoku or ash glazes. Very hard to say. But Shino is not necessarily a lost cause. Merry Christmas!

cindy shake said...

The lidded jar is DIVINE. Glad you ate your PB&J... Merry Christmas from Alaska!

potterboy said...

Ah, well, my comments about shinos not selling have to be taken in context. I'm a relatively novice potter, my forms are probably a bit odd still, I have no market to speak of and I'm a crap salesperson. So there may be other reasons why my pots don't sell (ie they're just not very good.)

brandon phillips said...

thanks for the kind words everyone.

andrew-my response is probably going to be rather long-winded so i may not get to it for a day or 2. i'm now trying to figure out how to get my wifes xmas presents into the house without her seeing them so i can wrap them. ha!

happy holidays everyone!!