Monday, January 25, 2010


There's not much going on here right now. I just finished loading a bisque and there are some super exciting(sarcasm) photos of that below. We were in austin this past weekend and we thought about stopping in to see Keith Kreeger but it was a sunday and our time was already accounted for so maybe next time.

Mugs...lots of them. There will be about 50 in the next firing.

Pitchers or jugs. I'm excited to have found a shape that I if only I could sell them. Can't sell a pitcher to save my life, go figure.

It's a bummer when you drop a kiln post on a nice pot.

Dinner time, gotta go!


FetishGhost said...

"Chock'a'block" is what we call loading a bisque kiln asses to elbows like that. That's a hell of a thermal mass to get up to temp. How long of a bisque cycle does a load like that run for you?

Kyle Carpenter said...

I can't sell a pitcher either. I guess that's why I stopped making them.

brandon phillips said...

well, it's computer controlled and it'll fire at whatever speed i set it. i fire it in about 8-10 hours. the kiln should be able to fire out no matter how tightly packed it is. if it has trouble it's usually either bad elements or not enough juice, we've had both those problems with this kiln. in fact-i've found it fires out better when it's packed tighter. i think at higher temps the thermal mass holds heat and it raises in temp easier...i think.

Unknown said...

What's even worse than dropping a kiln post on a nice pot is having someone else drop a kiln post on your nice pot. Sometimes it's hard to keep the frustration in, so as to not make the person feel like crud. :(

I like the term "asses to elbows" better than 'chock a block'. :)

Dan Finnegan said...

I find pitchers a tough sell as well and it breaks my heart 'cause I love 'em. I do make large ones which end up as vases and tiny creamers that seem to find homes.

Keith said...

Though i'm happy you thought of stopping by, I'm glad you didn't....I've spent the last two days cleaning and organizing to start making pots in 2010. would have been a little embarassing to show the studio in last week's state. Next time you are in town, let me know. It would be great to finally meet you.

And...thanks for the gentle nudge of a link...guess I better get a new post up tonight.