Sunday, January 17, 2010

take a look over my shoulder

and watch a video of me cutting a foot. Sorry about the bad angle...I waited until the last bowl to shoot a video otherwise I'd have shot it over. A filmmaker I'm not.

Take note of the wet chuck, faster than a giffin grip any day of the week and at about 3 cents, it's cheaper too.

As per usual I made a pitcher from the chuck, do that with a giffin grip.
Lucy came with me to the studio today. We were in the 60's today but from the looks of this I'm guessing the concrete was still pretty cold. I had a blanket for the dogs but someone has walked off with it.



Ron said...

Nicely done! I saw Michael Simon make pots a few times and he'd throw several yunomis off the hump and then make a pitcher with the rest. Pretty cool. I like that you make something w. the chuck.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Lucy looks cold.. Poor Baby :( Great trimming video.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Nice video. A well trimmed foot is an admirable thing. And is that the Decemberists playing in the background? Double nice.

FetishGhost said...

Cool! I've been hoping you'd start posting more videos of your approach. I can even hear the steady creak of your new treadle wheel in the background too.
Hoping you keep posting videos...

brandon phillips said...

thanks guys. i ususally save the chuck under plastic and tweak it for whatever needs trimming, in this case i didn't have anything else so i made a pot out of it. they usually last a couple weeks. i keep it attached to a bat so i never have to worry about re-centering it.

the wheels creaking a little, it may need some grease.

ron- i want a double chamber kiln real bad, but i have neither the brick nor space right now. it'd be nice to have 2 chambers to fire 2 different kinds of work. i mentioned wanting a bigger kiln to saybra the other day and she about killed me.

man, i'd love to watch m. simon make pots. hopefully he'll get back to it someday.

Anonymous said...

cool little video and was happy to hear the shankhill butchers playing in the background... i'm a big decemberists fan