Tuesday, January 12, 2010

there's paper everywhere.

The semester is off to a good start so far. I think I've spotted a little window for clay work this friday and saturday.

I just cleaned my office last week and good thing because I now have stacks of crap everywhere! Syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, course schedules, etc. blah blah. I think I'm responsible for a little bit of deforestation. See that 3-ring binder? Those are my lecture notes for art appreciation, it's thicker than the textbook on top of it. Thank god I didn't have to write those.

Working on kiln plans and checking up on blogs. There is a blogger represented twice in thise photo, who is it? That bowl sitting on my desk is supposedly a 17-18th century bowl from Hagi, Japan. I got it for a steal because it has a big chip in the rim. I bought it from a reputable dealer who knows his ceramics but I think the age may be suspect. It's no doubt old and well used but 300 years old? I'm not sure.

The foot.

Dinner time, gotta go.


Anonymous said...

Ronny P

MattyT said...

ya its Philbeck. Kiln plans? is a new kiln comming?

Julia said...

Looks like we should invest in Weyerhaueser. LOL

Brian said...

Good Post, I wish I had the chance to go back to school this semester.
Maybe I'll squeeze in a summer class. Then start in the fall.
I'll keep reading!