Monday, February 8, 2010


6:30am: wake up.

7:10am: arrive at La Popular Bakery and score a couple of burritos and the best sweet tea in makes monday mornings tolerable.

7:30am: Arrive at school, eat burritos, be happy for a split second, check email, facebook, etc.

8:00am: Unlock classroom, turn heat on, prepare powerpoint.

8:15am: Review material for the days lecture.

8:35am: Tell student that over-sleeping is not an excuse for missing the exam on friday and no there is no make-up. Proceed to explain that in fact life isn't fair and they should deal with it.

9:00-12:00: Lecture over the elements of design...3 seperate times. Occasionally throw something at sleeping student.

12:15: Run to Lowes for a couple pieces of cement board and then grab lunch and head back to school.

1:20: Critique in Ceramics 2, knock those suckers down so I can build them back up.

More later...


cindy shake said...

I thought Sweet Tea was supposed to make you sweet...?

Tracey Broome said...

Monday morning + up at 6am + teaching college kids = :(

ang design said...

hehehe, you're mean in the morning!!!

brandon phillips said...

nobody gets my sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

i particularly like what happened at 8:35am