Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much...I had all these intentions to produce all this work and with my teaching schedule it's just not happening. I am however loading the wood kiln which hopefully will be fired off soon.

We've had an abnormally cold and snowy winter this year(climate change?) We very rarely get snow and if we do it sticks for about 10 seconds before melting. Today was the second time this year that we've had several inches of snow. But of course in true west Texas fashion we had 5 inches of snow and mid twenties temps today and we'll have sixties tomorrow.

I never pass up a chance to throw snowballs at things and the only animal we have that will interact with snowballs in a good way is our lab/dane mix Hoban. The other dogs and the goats run away(yeah I've thrown snowballs at the goats, don't judge me) but Hoban will run and catch them in his mouth. He's one cool dog. He apparently also enjoys MJ's Thriller.

More later. Cheers!


Ron said...

Wow cool pic. If we had goats I'd throw stuff at them too.

Dan Finnegan said...

Here in Virginia we throw goats at the snow...more of a challenge.

klineola said...

Here in NC coeds throw pots in the snow, naked.

cindy shake said...

...at the GOATS?! :o(
That is one cool looking dog! He looks Harry Potter-like! You guys must be getting all of Alaska's cold and snow!

Lori Buff said...

Hoban reminds me of my old dog who was a Dane/lab/border collie. He wasn't as amused or resourceful when I tried to play fetch with snowballs.