Monday, August 9, 2010

Back in the studio.

I'm back in the studio this week, I spent a couple days up here last week helping a friend get some firings out. I've finished up another dinnerware set and hope to get it fired in a couple weeks.

I finished up my last day with the contractor on Saturday. I ended up getting royally screwed on my pay, he retroactively decreased my pay so that he only had to give me a little bit for the last week and a half. His argument was that he was losing money on his jobs because they were taking so long. Well, don't take vacations in the middle of your jobs and don't fuc*king hire someone if you can't pay them. I ended up making minimum wage for the last 3 weeks. I could've made more working at walmart(with AC!)...jackass. Pardon my filthy language, rant over.

In other news someone has stolen my camera out of my locked office on a weekend when the building was locked. Suspicious? I think so, does the univeristy police dept think so? Not really. I wasn't expecting to get my camera back but I was expecting a little more than "Hmmm, that's interesting." A little camera is no big deal but if they have access to my office they probably have access to everything. The only people that have access to the building and my office on the weekends are the janitorial staff. I'm not a detective but I'm pretty sure I figured this one out.

Well, anyways I'm back in the clay and school is starting in a couple weeks. I'll be firing the salt kiln in another 2 weeks or so and then I'll hopefully be switching back to the wood kiln.

I sent the brushes out to seven people. I had many requests so I picked the first seven emails that I received. They should be there this week sometime, sorry it took so long to get them out. I learned a little trick that has improved the quality so I'm much more confident in them and I'll be making some more soon which I'll be selling cheap on etsy, so keep an eye out if you're interested.

There are also lots of good pots on my etsy page if you're interested!



Tracey Broome said...

Well, first of all I'm glad to see some one else using the F word besides me :)
If only I could figure out how to flip the bird on my blog!
Sorry to hear about the suck ass pay, just think you could have been spending that time making pots and probably made as much money. Maybe someone is trying to tell you that you are a potter. I'm applying for a grant to get a studio built, I could sure hire you if you lived in NC, I love the showroom you built for yourself. Hang in there, you make good stuff:)

Ron said...

Nice rant. Keep up the good work.

Schnee said...

who else has keys? Security, LOL. May explain why they have no interest in pursuing it.

Sorry to hear you got screwed over on the job. Hopefully things will improve soon.

Linda Starr said...

What a bunch of crap and all in the same week, I feel for you, how can someone lower your pay retroactively, can you call the contractors board about it (after you call him to let him know you need to check into it), he must have a surety bond to ensure he pays appropriately. the camera, bureacracy sucks in so many places.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Man, that sucks. And all because you had to work for the system. Damn the man!

ladyofclay said...

geeze - some where, someday. all the crap that contracter is throwing around is going to hit a backdraft and end up coming back & smothering him to death.
I've noticed that you haven't named names here... and that speaks volumes about your integrity.
Maybe that's what I see in your pots. I'm still watching for the teapot we e-mailed about in
april/09, didn't realize it had been that long !