Friday, August 13, 2010


I've been staying busy this week. I've spent some time in the studio on pots and some time at home making brushes. Why so many? Well, like pots practice makes perfect and I've got some big plans, we're gonnna make millions. Okay, not really but I enjoy making these things. I'm going to put some up on etsy in the next few days.

Small brush.

I'm working on a small dinnerware set, the best part? When the customer says: "Make it however you want." Aces.

Mugs and bowls.

This customer wanted a way to signify that this set was made specifically for him so I made a stamp. Happy to do it.


Graduated pitchers.

Cap jars.

4# Jars.

6# Jars.

One of our sinks at school was backed up so I pulled the trap off and found 5, that's right 5 small paint brushes lodged in the trap along with a lot of sludge. I'm guessing some genius was trying to unclog the sink with a brush...repeatedly.

That's all for now.



Nate said...

those brushes look good, are you using a hair stacker? they are a life saver...also caribou hair works great for brushes!

Linda Starr said...

Gary just picked up the mail a little while ago and I got the brush you sent, thanks ever so much. I will do a post on your brushes as soon as I try it out, and I will link to your site and the etsy site too. Thanks again.

What kind of hair are you using? I have a half inch chip brush I got at a big box store that is goat hair I think and it is my favorite brush for hand glazing. I have had it so long I am afraid it is going to wear out

That's a lot of work you have done there, how cool you made a stamp for the set. Have a good one.

Kyle Carpenter said...

How much will those brushes run? Really lovin the yunomi.

Bert said...

Got my brush yesterday, thank you! If this Texas heat would ever let up I would get back out in the studio/garage and throw some pots so I can put it to use. lol Soon as I do I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

brandon phillips said...

nate-yes, i use a hair stacker, it's awesome.

Linda-I hope I sent you one the works ;) They are deer tail. I've thought about venturing out and trying other things but I'm trying to keep it simple and repeatable. I've been thinking about trimming some hair off my goats but oh man do they stink.

Kyle-I think the brushes will initially be $10 with shipping for awhile.

Bert-Make some pots, get busy!

FetishGhost said...

Love the brushes and the new work is beautiful. The sink problem is way too common to be funny, well... unless it's happening to someone else.

ang design said...

oooh lovely jars and what a treat make what you like... YES!!! brushes look fab an yep make a million...

Judy Shreve said...

You have been busy! Love all that work lined up! Post when your brushes are on Etsy -- gotta have one -- or two! :>))

Tracey Broome said...

Love my brush, love those mug handles, you make the very best handles out there!!